Esemka Car The New Indonesia Car Developed by Senior High School (SMK) Student

Posted by Anonymous

Afer Mobil GEA, Arina, Komodo and Tawon, there is a new Indonesia car the master piece of Senior High School Student (SMK) emerges. The car called Esemka, like the spell of SMK in Indonesia language.

Not such the other Mobnas (MobilNasional), Esemka comes with several variants such as SUV, pick up double and single cabin, sedan and van.

In developing Esemka, there are several SMK Schools involved. For instance the body and design is the responsible of SMK Muhammadiyah 2 Borobudur Magelang while for the engine is the responsible of SMKN 4 Jakarta and SMK 1 Cibinong.

One of Esemka variant is Esemka Digdaya which is a pick up double cabin with ex Timor 1.500 cc as the engine. The Esemka Digdaya was created by SMK 1 Singosari Malang . To develop Esemka Digdaya, the students need about 3 months to finish it.

So will Esemka to be mass production ?

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