Mobil Esemka-the creation from SMK student

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mobil esemka=SMK

this news is from detikoto :
Cars double Cabin Esemka the result of creative students Digdaya SMK 1 Singosari, Malang seems indeed feasible diacungi thumb.

For even if only given time only 3 weeks, 50 students involved in the project of making the car able to do the best with everything very neatly.

Students this is not to have to lose one's head with a short time that, because they even thought it is all part of the challenge.

"They all tertantang completing this project," said Principal SMK Malang 1 Singosari Good Gunawan when talking with detikOto, some time ago.

Therefore, these students also begin to explore various sources of inspiration and design a car terciptalah Cabin is double-knit but elegant.

Challenges also continue, because after holding students this design should be able to mewujudkannya.

This is not an easy matter, because only they are given a stock injection engine with a former East 1500 cc.

Therefore, to start the project then this is the students start choosing components that are fit for the car they dream double Cabin.

For the framework, they choose the framework of the Isuzu Panther Suspensi from Mitsubishi L300.

"We chose them because they are already evident kehandalannya," clearly good.

After that they create a new body is double Cabin. Pembuatannya is not without obstacles, as all part of the body they do this is hand made.

"So if there is little that is not suitable to be made again," he said.

Once everything is completed according to Good next challenge is to make the holder to fit the machines they have.

But before that, they have machines that do not have any transmission and final gear. Therefore, these students play the brain to search for machine parts that fit.

"For the transmission and final gear we use belonging Suzuki Escudo energy in order to generate more robust and does not ngedrop," said Good.

Work hard for 3 months this was terbayar already, because this car has been recognized quality.

"Yesterday the car was new Pak Bupati Malang," he said.

According to the plan if there is no obstacle in the way, cars will be Esemka to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.